Performance analysis of Point-to-Multi-Point (P2MP) Hybrid FSO/RF network




Boharba, Alwa Mohamed

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In this thesis, we present a detailed analysis of hybrid point-to-multipoint free space optical (FSO)/radio frequency (RF) wireless system. Hybrid FSO/RF sys- tems have emerged as a promising solution for high data rate wireless transmission. FSO technology can be used effectively in multiuser scenarios to support Point-to- Multi-Point (P2MP) networks. In this P2MP network, FSO links are used for data transmission from a central location to multiple users. When more than one FSO link fail, the central node uses a common backup RF link to transmit a frame to a remote node using an equal priority protocol. An equal priority protocol means that the remote nodes have the same priorities in being assigned the RF link. We assume two traffic classes, a high-priority and low-priority classes. The base station reserves two transmit buffers of each user for the downlink transmission. Considering the downlink traffic from the base station to a tagged remote node, we study several performance metrics. We develop a cross-layer Markov chain model to study the throughput from central node to a remote node as well as the performance of the resulting system.



high data rate wireless transmission, equal priority protocol, cross-layer Markov chain mode, high-priority classes, low-priority classes