Effective Management of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: Assessing Treatment Approaches to Decrease the Use of Prescription Opioids




Sandhu, Jessica

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The purpose of this project will explore the use of prescription opioids and provide evidence of effective models that are currently used across Canada and internationally that treat individuals with chronic pain. To do this, the project will (1) analyzes various models that show effective treatment approaches that decrease the number of opioids an individual is prescribed while showing improvements in their everyday life, (2) develop a jurisdictional scan to collect models that have been implemented within Canada, excluding British Columbia, and internationally, and (3) analyze and assess models that were collected in the jurisdictional scan against a set of baseline measurements to determine the effectiveness of each of the models. The findings showed that utilizing a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary approach is the most effective treatment practice to treat chronic pain. Additionally, the findings showed that using first-line therapy approaches before individuals are prescribed opioids, is recommended when healthcare providers are treating individuals with chronic pain. If individuals are prescribed opioids by their healthcare provider, referring them to a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary program could provide them a safe and secure environment to taper and/or eliminate the number of opioids they are taking to treat and/or manage their pain. The findings also suggest that other models such as utilizing virtual care services and providing learning and training opportunities for healthcare providers are also effective practices when treating individuals with chronic pain.



Substance Use, Opioids, Prescription Opioids, Chronic Pain, Pain, Pain Management