Connected Learning: Technology and Collaboration in the Writer's Workshop




Taylor, Lisa M.

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The purpose of this project is to explore the ways in which techniques of collaborative writing can be implemented on new and emerging technological platforms to enhance or alter the Writer’s Workshop in elementary classrooms. This topic is relevant to the revised 2016 B.C. curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of digital literacy and collaboration for effective learning. The theoretical frameworks of Social-Constructivism and Multiliteracies are used to approach this project. Topics discussed include the practical implementation of the two frameworks in the ELA classroom, and the effects of collaboration and technological integration on students’ engagement, revision processes, and co-authorship. Findings of this literature review demonstrate that technology-based collaboration can improve learner engagement, ease of revision, quality of peer-feedback, and productive co-authorship, and that the strategic implementation of technology is essential. Cautions and strategies for effective implementation of these techniques are discussed. The project concludes with a critical reflection on the integration of technology-based collaboration into the author’s teaching context.



Education, Elementary, Literacy, Collaborative Writing, Collaboration, Multiliteracies, Digital Literacy, Writers Workshop, Social-Constructivism