Error correction techniques for ATM communications




Almulhem, Abdulaziz S.

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Congestion in ATM communications is a significant issue as it can have a dramatic effect on critical or real-time data. Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes are one class of protocols to decrease this effect. Conventional FEC techniques have a uniform or constant error correction rate, which can result in poor bandwidth utilization. Therefore adaptive techniques are sought. The rationale is to have better bandwidth utilization when congestion occurs. In this thesis, we investigate the related work on FEC in ATM networks. Then we propose an adaptive FEC scheme based on RS codes. This proposed scheme is then studied in different types of environments, wireline and wireless. Simulations are also conducted to measure different performance issues concerning network resources and quality of service. Another crucial issue in ATM communications is security. The proposed FEC scheme has an added feature of being security ready. Moreover it has been shown that the security scheme is computationally secure. Such FEC scheme has significant impact on ATM network resources and switch capacity. This has been investigated further in this work. Switch architectures utilizing FEC schemes are also studied.



Asynchronous transfer mode