The power of a "hot" haircut : hair, sexuality, and self at the salon.




Lalonde, Angelique Maria Gabrielle

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Hair, as it is fashioned in this research project, is a lens which brings embodiment, if only ephemerally, into a place of expressive focus. This thesis considers, as its subjects of research, women between the ages of 20 and 30 in Victoria, BC, Canada, who purposefully use the hair styling services of a regular stylist to negotiate social anxieties and play with possibilities of identity through the medium of hair. I engage with the concept of embodiment specifically in order to approach current theoretical concerns in anthropology with how commodity culture plays out and is played upon, both materially and ideologically, through the bodies of social actors. Hair is particularly well suited to a theoretical concern with embodiment because it is a biological medium of cultural pliability; it occurs at the interface of a biological entity, upon which it grows, and a cultural being, who styles it.



Hairstyles, Hairdressing, Beauty operators