Entre fierté et mépris : le rapport ambivalent à l'égard du chiac dans "Pour sûr" de France Daigle




Trerice, Spencer

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France Daigle’s Governor General’s Award winning novel Pour sûr, published in 2011, depicts the daily life of Acadians in Moncton. In this study, I examine the attitudes and perceptions the characters of the novel have towards their variety of Acadian French, called Chiac. The characters often regard their vernacular as illegitimate, particularly when compared to the linguistic norm (Standard French) and other varieties of French considered as “good French”, but also, depending on the context, demonstrate feelings of pride. Thus, in the novel, Chiac is deemed both an inferior variety of French and a marker of identity. Many sociolinguistic studies have revealed that native speakers of Chiac experience a sentiment of ambivalence towards their variety. In this respect, the novel mirrors the Monctonian sociolinguistic reality.



chiac, représentations linguistiques, vernaculaire, France Daigle, littérature acadienne, Nouveau-Brunswick, sentiment d'ambivalence, locuteurs minoritaires, français au Canada, sociolinguistique