Nursing leadership supporting quality of life for residents in long-term care: An integrative review




Holman, Denise

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Nursing leadership is needed in long-term care (LTC) to improve quality of life (QOL) for residents. This integrative literature review explores the relationship between nursing leadership and resident QOL using Watson‟s Theory of Human Caring (WTHC). The literature search identified 28 articles which were systematically reviewed to identify themes reflecting nursing leadership practices developed by Pipe (2008) based on WTHC. Findings identify three themes: 1) building caring relationships, 2) creating a caring environment and 3) caring for self to better serve others. Findings indicate that leaders who follow a caring philosophy are relationship-focused which is effective in building caring relationships and creating a caring environment. These elements were also found to be a requirement of culture change that supports resident-centred care and QOL. The findings of the review established the need for additional education and training to assist nurse leaders in effectively meeting the challenges faced in long-term care. Recommendations for nursing practice include the development of nursing leadership competencies for the LTC environment based on WTHC and the establishment of educational training programs that support the development and retention of caring and effective nurse leaders in LTC.



long-term care, quality of life, Watson's theory of human caring, nursing leadership, resident-centred care