Spiritual experiences and trauma recovery: a qualitative study on how spiritual experiences inform recovery from trauma.




Bratt, William

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This study examines how people who have survived trauma have encountered healing following spiritual experiences. The significance of this research lies in its unique findings, contributing to the body of literature on trauma recovery. Qualitative methodology and thematic analysis were used to explore the research question that guided this study. Six individuals who had survived traumatic events participated in narrative interviews and were asked to tell the story of how their spiritual experiences impacted their healing from trauma. Findings show that these participants‘ spiritual experiences helped them to cultivate a foundation to return to in future moments of challenge, impacted the body‘s healing, and served as a guide. Further research in the field is suggested, including investigating how experiences with Kundalini energy impact trauma recovery, the relationship between spiritual experiences and physical healing, and how people from diverse cultural backgrounds experience trauma recovery in the wake of a spiritual experience.



Spirituality, Spiritual Experiences, Trauma, Trauma Recovery