Discourse, Convergence, and National Traditions: Comparing Canada's and Germany's Immigration and Integration Discourses




Hoffmann, Benjamin Christoph

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This thesis aims to compare the political discourses of immigration and integration of political parties in Canada and Germany from 2008 to 2013. As some scholars have noted a convergence of immigration and integration policies in Western liberal democracies, this thesis seeks to identify whether a convergence of discourses took place in Canada and Germany, or whether the different national traditions of immigration and integration in Canada and Germany remain stronger in influence than forces of convergence, like international organization or treaties, on immigration and integration discourses. Coming from a critical constructivist perspective and applying a discourse analysis that builds on Lene Hansen and Roxanne Lynn Doty’s work, this thesis found that no convergence of immigration and integration discourses in Canada and Germany took place. Different national traditions appear to remain more central for immigration and integration discourses in both Canada and Germany.



Discourse, Immigration, Integration, Canada, Germany, Convergence, National tradition