The stories we planted: a narrative exploration of evaluative school experience




Fisher, Paige

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This study combines autoethnographies of the author‘s school experience with narratives of school experience as related by adult students who were not successful in school. The study evolved into a narrative exploration of notions of success and failure as they are conceptualized in school settings. Evaluative assessment experiences were examined as the seeds of the 'story of the self' that was planted in each of us as we reflected upon, and constructed through language, the social world of our school experiences through story. Various aspects of the power dynamics inherent in assessment processes are also examined in the context of the narratives. The placement of the adult students‘ narratives alongside the autoethnographies of the researcher reveals fascinating similarities and differences among the ways that each participant conceptualized his/her evaluative school experience.



assessment,, evaluation, autoethnography, narrative, critical discourse analysis