Y Stories: An analysis of storytelling at the Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA




Norwell, Jenifer

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Stories have been used since the start of civilization to communicate information. Humans have long shared stories about who they are and where they come from, but it is only in recent decades that stories have been used effectively by organizations like businesses and non-profits. This project’s client, the Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA (Y), uses stories for the purpose of communicating what they do to members of the broader public through applications including, but not limited to grant applications, social media posts, and public presentations. The organization has identified the opportunity to use stories more effectively as a way of promoting the organization and building a greater sense of community with the surrounding municipality. Since existing research shows that stories can be used to increase donations, improve communications, and build community, this project aims to help the Y look at ways to incorporate stories into more aspects of the organization.



Storytelling, non-profit, nonprofit, YMCA, YMCA-YWCA, Kamloops, Community Development, Organizational storytelling, stories