Experimental Characterization of Scale Model Wave Energy Converter Hydrodynamics




McCullough, Kendra Mercedes Sunshine

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A prototype point absorber style wave energy converter has been proposed for deployment off the West coast of Vancouver Island near the remote village of Hotsprings Cove in Hesquiaht Sound; a site identified as having significant wave energy potential. The proposed design consists of two components, a long unique cylindrical spar and a concentric toroid float. To serve ongoing wave energy converter (WEC) dynamics modelling and control research in support of that project, an experimental facility for small scale physical model testing is desired at UVIC. In the immediate term, the facility could be used to determine the hydrodynamic coefficients over a range of wave frequencies. Refined estimates of the hydrodynamic coefficients would be exploited in the optimisation of the WEC geometry. To date, WEC research at UVIC has neglected the frequency dependence of the hydrodynamic coefficients, relying on limited experimental results to provide a single frequency invariant set of coefficient estimates.



Hydrodynamic Coefficients, Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter (WEC)