The Impact of entity and incremental implicit theory activation on the prioritization of personal goals




Abrami, Jessica

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Individuals have different implicit theories. They may hold an incremental theory and believe traits are malleable or an entity theory and believe traits are fixed. In past research implicit theories have been linked to achievement goals. The present study extends this research by investigating the relationship between implicit theories and personal goals. An experimental design was used to examine if priming individuals with a specific implicit theory impacts their goal prioritization. It was expected that individuals primed with an entity theory would place greater importance on intrinsic goals while individuals primed with an incremental theory would place greater importance on extrinsic goals. It was found that female participants rated the importance of financial success higher in the Entity condition compared to the Incremental condition and rated the importance of community feeling higher in the Incremental condition compared to the Entity condition. No significant differences were found with male participants.



implicit theories, intrinsic and extrinsic goals, mindset