Awuwanainithukik: living an authentic Omushkegowuk Cree way of life : a discussion on the regeneration and transmission of Nistam Eniniwak existences.




Daigle, Michelle

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This thesis will explore the regeneration and transmission of Indigenous people’s knowledge systems and practices in our communities today. The Omushkegowuk Cree teaching of awuwanainithukik (living an authentic Cree way of life by following our ancestors values and beliefs) is used as a foundation for creating pathways of resurgence. A family’s journey of reciprocal ceremonial regeneration will be used as a case in point to reveal how Indigenous people can create meaningful and transformational changes within their minds and hearts when they begin to take action according to their ancestral teachings. The challenges Indigenous people encounter on their path of cultural regeneration will be discussed in light of the current religious, economic, political and psychological issues colonialism has inflicted upon our communities. By living according to the teaching of awuwanainithukik Indigenous people can regenerate their authentic ways of being in the world despite of the historical and continuing effects of colonialism.



Cree Indians, regeneration, knowledge, colonialism