Men Who Have ChemSex With Men: A Path to Centring Our Stories




Hampton-Wallis, Bradley

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Research on the topic of men who have sex with men and engage in chemsex is relevant to increasing social justice and equity-based practice, it is important to the broader field of social work, and has historically broadened the practice of harm reduction because it challenges the structural oppression informed by heterosexism and outsider bias. This body of research has created opportunities for more knowledge. Using a queer theoretical framework, our community-based research project builds on these opportunities with sampling methods conducive to community-based research and sensitive to stigma, and by conducting semi-structured interviews (n=3) with participants who had a shared membership in chemsex sub-culture with the principal applicant. Community-based research by the community with the aim of exploring the research question, what can be learned from the lived experiences and stories of men who have chemsex with men?



chemsex, sexualized drug use, party and play, gay men, gbmsm