What's the matter with bodies? : the materializing of women's hormonal bodies and practicing a body without hormones




Quinn, Melody Lynne

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Using illustrations of popular media about female hormones that depict and stereotype women, I theorize towards a more positive approach to women's bodies in flux and change that moves away from the conceptualization of women as Hormonal Bodies towards Bodies without Hormones. I challenge biomedical agency, reductionist biology, a predatory pharmaceutical industry and normative social imperatives to question the assumption of women's bodies as a naturalized pathology. To disrupt the disciplining of women socially constructed as deficient and uncontrollable, I point to the conflict between women's naturally fluxing bodies and emotions, and western society's dominant values shaping women, hormones and contemporary health practices. I reframe women's bodies from problem and limitation to resource and possibility. Neo-materialist views of Deleuze and Guattari, nomadic figurations and rhizomatic thinking are contextualized to women and bodies to produce notions of practicing and experiencing a body of choice unbound to female hormones.



sex hormones, hormone therapy