Mastering the art of interpersonal communication: a qualitative study on how individuals become masters of interpersonal communication




Renney, Jessica

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The current study examines how individuals become masters of interpersonal communication. Its significance is in its unique findings that contribute to existing counselling literature. Qualitative methodology and thematic analysis were used in this study. Five peer nominated individuals took part in semi-structured interviews and were asked to tell their story of how they became masters of interpersonal communication. Findings show observational learning, being aware of others' needs, listening, striving to be better, bringing true self forward, trusting gut feeling, learning to accept limits, and mentors emerged as important themes. Future research investigating the trajectories of individual journeys in becoming a master of interpersonal communication across developmental stages is suggested along with research that could lead to the creation of valid and reliable instruments that may identify potential masters of interpersonal communication.



Interpersonal, Communication, Mastery, Mastery learning, Qualitative