Actions speak louder than words?: investigate the relationship between bullying and cyberbullying and deal with school bullying through SEL programs




Li, Zhao

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With the popularization of the internet and other electronic devices among adolescents, cyberbullying has become a severe threat to teenagers’ well-being. Scholars debate the relationships between cyberbullying and bullying. The project aims to define the essence of cyberbullying and clarify its relationship with face-to-face bullying through reviewing previous studies. The findings are inclined to the statement that cyberbullying is an extension of traditional bullying, which results from negative personal emotions and interpersonal interactions. With this hypothesis, the focus of this current project is to improve teenagers’ real-life relationships with their peers. By examining the characteristics of students involved in bullying, their lack of social and emotional competencies is recognized. As a result, the primary objective of the project is to improve students’ social and emotional competencies. To achieve the target, one anti-bullying Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program is designed to develop students’ social and emotional skills through pet-owner relationships.



bullying, cyberbullying, SEL, pet-owner relationships, adolescents