Taking care in child protection: a descriptive account of practices with women who have experienced violence by their domestic partners.




Emerson, Darcie

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The aim of this research was to achieve a better understanding of ways to support the safety of women who have experienced violence by their domestic partners. This descriptive study focused on seven cases handled by a mid-island child protection team who had recently been introducing a number of new practice approaches. Case files and interviews from child protection worker/former clients were used as the basis for this case study‘s analysis. The results offer a detailed glimpse into how child protection workers employ a variety of safety inviting practices and how women who have experienced violence perceive these practices. Three overlapping themes represent ways that child protection workers invited greater safety: validation, responding to mother‘s relational needs, and creating space for the mother to take the lead. The impacts of these practices are discussed and recommendations are offered for policy and procedural changes and training and supervision.



child protection, domestic violence, violence against women