Rethinking Home-Reading: Supporting Early French Immersion Students and Parents with Meaningful Home Literacy Programs




Pomper, Megan

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Multimodal home literacy programs create meaningful literacy experiences for Early French Immersion students and their parents. Multimodal practices allow students to engage in a variety of literacy-based activities and facilitate the development of a range of literacy-based skills that extend beyond the oral recitation of texts. By incorporating these practices into home literacy programs, multimodal practices encourage increased participation and motivation from students, offer opportunities to develop fluency with new technologies, and foster meaningful relationships between school and home. In this project, I review the literature on French Immersion teaching practices, multimodality, and the importance of parental involvement for second language learners. From this review, I outline a multimodal home-literacy program I have created which incorporates a range of literacy-based practices that support students’ French Immersion literacy development and allow parents to actively contribute to this process. A workshop for parents further outlines this program and offers detailed insight into how these multimodal practices can be used at home by parents.



French Immersion, Home-Reading, Literacy Development, Multimodality, Parents