Constructing Polar Codes Using Iterative Bit-Channel Upgrading




Ghayoori, Arash

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The definition of polar codes given by Arikan is explicit, but the construction complexity is an issue. This is due to the exponential growth in the size of the output alphabet of the bit-channels as the codeword length increases. Tal and Vardy recently presented a method for constructing polar codes which controls this growth. They approximated each bit-channel with a “better” channel and a “worse” channel while reducing the alphabet size. They constructed a polar code based on the “worse” channel and used the “better” channel to measure the distance from the optimal channel. This thesis considers the knowledge gained from the perspective of the “better” channel. A method is presented using iterative upgrading of the bit-channels which successively results in a channel closer to the original one. It is shown that this approach can be used to obtain a channel arbitrarily close to the original channel, and therefore to the optimal construction of a polar code.



Polar Code, Code Construction, Bit-Channel, Iterative Upgrading, Optimal Construction of Polar Codes, Upgraded Channel, Degraded Channel, Channel Approximation