An automated testing system for telephony software - A case study




Zhou, Yingxiang Ingrid

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As the complexity of software system increases, delivering quality software successfully becomes an ever more challenging task. Applying automated testing techniques effectively to the software development process can reduce software testing effort substantially and assure software quality cost-effectively. Thus the future of software testing will rely heavily on automated testing techniques. This thesis describes a practical approach to automated software testing by investigating and analyzing different automation test tools in real-world situations. In view of the fact that the key to successful automated testing is planning, understanding the requirements for automated testing and effectively planning is critical and essential. iv This thesis presents the design and implementation of an automated testing framework. It consists of an automated testing tool, which is based on the commercial product TestComplete, as well as associated testing processes. The application area is telephony communications software. To demonstrate the viability of our automated testing approach, we apply our testing framework to a Voice-over-IP telephony application called Desktop Assistant. This case study illustrates the benefits and limitations of our automated testing approach effectively.



Automated Testing, Test Automation, Software Engineering, Telephony Software, TestComplete, Table-Driven, Data-Driven