Active Followership: An Essential Component of the Teacher-Principal Relationship




Ammon, Robert Darwin Nigel

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Arguably, the leadership demonstrated by a school principal determines the success of an educational organization, a school. This viewpoint, grounded in literature, maintains that the role of a leader (school principal) determines the effectiveness of followers (teachers). While accurate, this premise does not consider the role of followers to influence the significance of the leader. Therefore, it is appropriate to examine the teacher-principal relationship from the perspective of the follower. Specifically, what motivates teachers to follow a school principal? A qualitative research design was employed; data collection consisted of interviews, a questionnaire and survey, where a limited number of semi-structured open-ended questions were posited. Conclusively, the study identified an exemplary followership style as predominant among participants (followers), and several specific and general professional qualities and personal characteristics, expected and modeled by principals (leaders). Collectively, style, criteria, and rationale established that active followership is an essential component of the teacher-principal relationship.



Leadership, Active Followership, Teacher, Principal, Relationships