Triangle counting and listing in directed and undirected graphs using single machines




Santoso, Yudi

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Triangle enumeration is an important element in graph analysis, and because of this it is a topic that has been studied extensively. Although the formulation is simple, for large networks the computation becomes challenging as we have to deal with memory limitation and efficiency. Many algorithms have been proposed to overcome these problems. Some use distributed computing, where the computation is distributed among many machines in a cluster. However, this approach has a high cost in terms of hardware resources and energy. In this thesis we studied triangle counting/listing algorithms for both directed and undirected graphs, and searched for methods to do the computation on a single machine. Through detailed analysis, we found some ways to improve the efficiency of the computation. Programs that implement the algorithms were built and tested on large networks with up to almost a billion nodes. The results were then analysed and discussed.



Graph computation, Large networks, Triangle enumeration, Single machine algorithm