Wireless ECG Monitor System Design—Web Service and Android Client Development




Li, Weizheng

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The heart attack has killed millions of people all over the world. Although the medical level is experiencing a high speed progress, there are increasing amount of sudden deaths caused by heart disease every year. One of the reasons is that, normally, there are no obvious symptoms in advance and patients can hardly get first ad treatment timely.However, if patients and doctors can monitor patients’ electrocardiogram (ECG) signal more frequently and timely, many heart problems can be captured by ECG. Proper treatment can be conducted, which reduces the chance of more severe heart events. In the case of heart attack, ECG monitoring can immediately identify the dangerous situation, and give out alarm signal to emergency, further reducing the chance of sudden cardiac death. Due to this motivation, we developed a wireless and wearable ECG monitoring system which enable patients to obtain their ECG data anywhere and anytime. The system would be used not only for sudden death but also to help doctor’s treatment.The system consists of a wireless ECG sensor, mobile APP, web server and web sites.Patients use the ECG sensor to test their ECG data and the data would be transmitted to mobile APP. On the mobile APP, a user can view the real-time ECG data and the APP would upload ECG data to a web server. On the web site, patients and their authorized doctors can view and comment the ECG data. This project focuses on the development of Android mobile APP and web service



Android, Web service, ECG monitor