Community Agency Supervisors' Experiences with Supervisory Training and Supervision that Address the Knowledge and Skill Areas of Supervision in the Social Service Field




Brown, Megan

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Research shows that supervisors in the social service field require on-going training and supervision; however, we do not know much about supervisors’ training and supervision and whether it prepares supervisors for the responsibilities of their jobs. This study used a telephone survey to explore the training and supervision experiences of community agency social service supervisors. The survey directly addressed 20 supervisory knowledge and skill areas identified from the literature review as those necessary for social service supervisors to be effective. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze participants’ responses and describe their training and supervision experiences. The goal of the study was to describe the training and supervision that supervisors receive to see if they address the supervisory knowledge and skill areas identified from the literature. Although the study found that supervisors access more training and supervision than expected, it also found significant inconsistencies in the training and supervision.



Supervision, Supervisors, Supervisory Training, Social Services, Supervisory Knowledge and Skill Areas