Towards Best Practices for Chatbots




Ferman, Maria

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The Oxford Dictionary defines a chatbot as a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. Designing Chatbots is a new emerging area for conversational interfaces. Chatbots are a great tool to allow users get answers to their inquiries. Users just need to ask their question and a chatbot using natural language will ideally reply with an appropriate answer. Despite being a new hot technological area, chatbot creation is not a straightforward task. There is a large amount of blogs and best practices to create chatbots, making the chatbot process less troublesome. However, there are still many challenges to overcome. The process that designers need to follow is more effective when they use specific practices, this will allow them to have a smooth process by avoiding commonly made mistakes. This project gathers a comprehensive list of best practices to give designers a specific structure on how to design a script-based chatbot effectively. Additionally, this project describes the two implemented evaluations of the best practices: The first was to design and implement a customer support chatbot for a software application, and the second was to carry out two interviews with chatbot designers of a software company.



Best Practices, Chatbot