On the classification of resource consolidation management problems




Lonergan, Steven

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This thesis focuses on computatal problems regarding the allocation of resources within a data center that services a cloud. This problem is formally know as Resource Consolidation Managmenet (RCM). In this thesis we analyse current RCM methods from the literature with respect to computational problem defintions and propose a framework to allow the classification and comparison of RCM solutions. With a decade of research in the field, this framework should be intuitive such that any researcher can easily use it to define computational problems in the field of RCM and reverse engineer problem definitions from exisiting solutions for RCM Problems. Finally our framework should be extendable: as the field continues to grow, the framework should be able to adapt to meet future needs. Besides presenting the framework, we analyse computational problems obtained by the framework in terms of its classical complexity. We show several of those problems to be NP-complete and discuss variants that are solvable in polynomial time. A further contribution is the exploration of different comparison tools for solutions of RCM problems.



Computer Science, cloud, RCM