The transmitted reference pulse cluster system for ultra-wideband communications




Jin, Li

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In this thesis, transmitted reference pulse cluster (TRPC) structure is proposed for low data rate ultra-wideband (UWB) communications to meet the short delay lines and low complexity requirements. TRPC contains closely and uniformly spaced pulses, and makes the analog delay lines short and easy to implement. The performance of TRPC over II B channels is analyzed, simulated and compared to that of three existing techniques: conventional TR. non-coherent pulse position modulation (NC-PPM), and frequency shifted reference (FSR) systems. We demonstrate the performance superiority of TRPC over all those systems. especially when implementation issues such as low complexity are taken into consideration. Moreover, novel schemes are proposed to address the physical layer design issues of the TRPC structure. Based on the theoretical bit error rate (BER) derivation for TRPC, three low complexity integration interval determination schemes requiring no channel state information are developed and simulated. In addition, an adaptive threshold method is developed for the TRPC system. which dynamically calculates the optimal detec¬tion threshold for the auto-correlation receiver, and achieves substantial performance gains over all UWB channel models.



Ultra-wideband communications, Channels, Systems