A hybrid numerical technique for analysis and design of microwave integrated circuits




Yu, Ming

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Miniature Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuits (MHMIC's) in conjunction with Monolithic MIC's (MMIC's) play an important role in modern telecommunication systems. Accurate, fast and reliable analysis tools are crucial to the design of MMIC's and MHMIC's. The space-spectral domain approach (SSDA) is such a numerically efficient method, which combines the advantage of the one-dimensional method of lines (MoL) with that of the one-dimensional spectral-domain method (SDM). In this dissertation, the basic idea of the SSDA is first introduced systematically. Then, a quasi-static deterministic variation of the SSDA is developed to analyze and design low dispersive 3-D MMIC's and MHMIC's. S-parameters and equivalent circuit elements for discontinuities are investigated. This includes air bridges, smooth transitions, open ends, step in width and gaps in coplanar waveguide (CPW) or microstrip type circuits. Experimental work is done to verify the simulation. The full-wave SSDA is a more generalized and field theoretically exact numerical tool to model also dispersive circuits. The new concept of self-consistent hybrid boundary conditions to replace the modal source concept in the feed line is used here. In parallel, a deterministic approach is developed. Scattering parameters for some multilayered planar discontinuities including dispersion effect are calculated to validate this method.



Microwave integrated circuits, Hybrid integrated circuits