Morphable guidelines for the human head




Gao, Shelley Y.

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Morphable guidelines are a 3D structure that helps users achieve better face warping on 2D portrait images. Faces can be difficult to warp accurately because the rotation of the head affects the shape of the facial features. I bypass the problem by utilizing the popular Loomis ‘ball and plane’ head drawing guideline as a proxy structure. The resulting ‘morphable guidelines’ consist of a simple 3D head model that can be reshaped by the user and aligned to their input image. The vertices of the model go on to act as deformation points for a 2D image deformation algorithm. Thus, the user can seamlessly transform the face proportions in the 2D image by transforming the proportions of the morphable guidelines. This system can be used for both retouching and caricature warping purposes, as it is well-suited for both subtle and extreme modifications. This system is advantageous over previous work in face warping because our morphable guidelines can be used on a wide range of head orientations and do not require the generation of a full 3D model.



computer graphics, image editor, face warping, caricature, photo editing, retouching, cartoon, image deformation, face, stylization, computational aesthetics