You're doing what?! At your age?! Intergenerational, community-based theatre to address social stigma of sexuality across the life course




Tidey, Leah

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Social stigma about sexuality across the life course is pervasive and deeply rooted in “Anglophone West” and patriarchal society that strives to police the sexuality of youth and older adults in diverse yet interconnected ways. Using an Intergenerational and Community-Based Applied Theatre approach to address common misconceptions about sexuality across the life course, I sought to offer a space to share lived experiences of youth and older adults with each other and their community. The community-based project created with the Victoria Target Theatre Society, Victoria High School, and Island Sexual Health Society offers insight into an avenue for social change based on the reactions from collaborators before and after the devising and performance process, in addition to audience responses. Furthermore, these findings can inform action in the form of policy change that aims to address systemic stigmatization of older adult and youth sexuality as well as the lack of education for healthcare providers to offer unbiased care and resources.



applied theatre, community-based theatre, intergenerational theatre, sexuality across the life course, sexual health, social stigma