Systems-mapping Alberta's writing community: the Writers' Guild of Alberta's role in collaborative community development




Duley, Nicole

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This Master’s Project examines the Writers’ Guild of Alberta’s (WGA) current role and interorganizational relationships and maps and analyses the system that underpins the writing community in Alberta. Through the documentation and analysis of the writing system, the findings are designed to help inform decisions made by the WGA Board of Directors about the role the WGA could play in fostering a vibrant writing community. The research question of this master's project is "What role should be assumed by the WGA to collaborate effectively within the writing community?" By utilizing a systems design methodology supported by a stakeholder analysis, the relationships between organizations in Alberta's writing community were explored to answer the research question. Key informant interviews were used to collect information from key stakeholders within the writing community. Findings indicated similarities across different art service organizations operating within the Alberta writing community including purpose, audience, and financial structures. While participants stated there were common goals across organizations, common goals were difficult to consistently articulate. While some system archetypes were identified, participants felt that the Alberta writing community was thriving and there is a desire to improve interorganizational collaboration. This master's project yielded four recommendations for the WGA including shifting more towards advocacy and connectivity within the larger community, undertaking collaborative interorganizational planning, exploring a community-wide needs assessment, and continuing to celebrate and recognize writers in Alberta.



Systems Thinking, Stakeholder Analysis, Writing, Interorganizational collaboration, Arts Service Organization, System archtypes, Nonprofit