How are Cities Sourcing Renewable Electricity?




Regier, Adam

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The issue of electricity generation is a primary focus of many efforts to decarbonize economies given the number of emissions related to the production of electricity. Issues of energy density mean cities are looking to their wider regions to source renewable electricity. Resultingly, cities enter various relationships with other actors within their region as a part of their mission to sustainably source electricity. These relationships are known as regional renewable energy procurement mechanisms. Currently, there is limited literature on the specific ways cities interact with their wider geographical and institutional surroundings as they seek to reduce emissions associated with their electricity consumption. Overall, understanding the mechanisms that cities employ to interact with other actors to sustainably source electricity is beneficial to anyone concerned about ensuring an effective and equitable energy transition. Through the analysis of city climate plans and related documentation, this research sought to identify the various regional renewable energy procurement mechanisms used by cities and the actors involved in the regional sourcing of renewable electricity.



Geography, Decarbonization, Cities, Renewable electricity