Design and development of a smart IoT-based robotic solution for wrist rehabilitation




Bouteraa, Yassine
Ben Abdallah, Ismail
Alnowaiser, Khaled
Islam, Md Rasedul
Ibrahim, Atef
Gebali, Fayez

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In this study, we present an IoT-based robot for wrist rehabilitation with a new protocol for determining the state of injured muscles as well as providing dynamic model parameters. In this model, the torque produced by the robot and the torque provided by the patient are determined and updated taking into consideration the constraints of fatigue. Indeed, in the proposed control architecture based on the EMG signal extraction, a fuzzy classifier was designed and implemented to estimate muscle fatigue. Based on this estimation, the patient’s torque is updated during the rehabilitation session. The first step of this protocol consists of calculating the subject-related parameters. This concerns axis offset, inertial parameters, passive stiffness, and passive damping. The second step is to determine the remaining component of the wrist model, including the interaction torque. The subject must perform the desired movements providing the torque necessary to move the robot in the desired direction. In this case, the robot applies a resistive torque to calculate the torque produced by the patient. After that, the protocol considers the patient and the robot as active and all exercises are performed accordingly. The developed robotics-based solution, including the proposed protocol, was tested on three subjects and showed promising results.



wrist modeling, robotic rehabilitation, human robot interaction


Bouteraa, Y., Ben Abdallah, I., Alnowaiser, K., Islam, M., Ibrahim, A., & Gebali, F. (2022). “Design and development of a smart IoT-based robotic solution for wrist rehabilitation.” Micromachines, 13(6), 973.