Evoking Empathy Through Art and Humane Education




Carruthers, Rebecca

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This paper focuses on the project created and the research completed to study the positive effects of combining art education and humane education to inspire empathy in elementary aged students. In Chapter 1 I review my guiding question, “Can art and humane education be combined to evoke empathy in students?”. Chapter 2 reviews the literature I used as part of my research. This critical contextualization focuses on literature and that defines empathy and its related terms such as sympathy, pity, and compassion as well as how empathy can be inspired by art. I review artists who have inspired my own art practice and the work I do with students as an elementary art educator. I also review children’s books used to spark empathy in students as one of the resources that helped build my project. Chapter 3 is an overview of my own studio practice and the connections it has to animal welfare. Chapter 4 talks about the project I created for a group of grade 4 students called the Empathy Pawject. It reviews the research, lessons, and findings of the project, and references the website developed for the Empathy Pawject.



Humane Education, Art Education, Elementary Education, Elementary Art, Character Education, Education, Art, Shelter Dogs, Adoptable animals, Empathy, Humane