Form, content, body parts: an analysis of gender relations in contemporary Japanese film.




Ohsawa, Yuki

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This thesis will investigate contemporary Japanese film as a reflection of and commentary on gender relations in Japan. This thesis will discuss two contemporary Japanese films: Love and Pop (1998) and Swing Girls (2004). By employing feminist perspectives we will illustrate that form and content work together in these films to offer both positive and negative critiques of gender relations. Because this thesis examines how these films illustrate high school girls and what kinds of messages they provide, it will apply Mulvey’s (1975) feminist film theory and Morohashi’s (2009) research, which is about visual images of contemporary Japanese women. This thesis will pay attention to specific camera techniques, lighting, and settings, which directly connect with the films’ content. We will analyze the form and content of these two Japanese films to show how the interpretation of a work of art, specifically a feminist interpretation, emerges from the relationship between form and content.



Japanese films, Japanese feminism and patriarchy, Form, Content, Motion pictures