Ripples, waves, and tides: AGES and graduate student engagement at the University of Victoria in the Faculty of Education




Corner, Susan

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The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to develop a clearer understanding of how involvement with the Association of Graduate Education Students (AGES) at the University of Victoria effects students' experiences of graduate school. Participants included graduate students who belonged to the AGES committee between 2001 and 2005 and faculty members who interacted with those members and supported program initiatives. Faculty participants were purposefully selected following the student interviews as important influences on the development of AGES. AGES records, including meeting minutes and a growth plan were accessed during the research. Key findings included the effect of short-term leadership on the development of the organizing committee; the important role that faculty members played in the health of a student organization, and the importance of social events when you leave your career cloak behind to become a full-time graduate student.



university students, Victoria, B.C., graduate students