The nature of collections : a photographic exploration of collected materials & the photographic exhibition "Herbarium imaginaire".




Hawkins, Susan

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Curiosity, it can be said, alerts us to the interface between art and science, with the ‘object’ being suspended somewhere between the two. Curiosity interfaced with photography and collections are the main components of this thesis. This thesis is organized around two principle outcomes: a written component and an artistic component. The written component investigates how the use of photography as a method of inquiry into the secondary manipulation of ready-made material results in objects that become sites of new meaning and encourage new interpretations. The artistic component was comprised of a photographic installation titled ‘herbarium imaginaire’ (imaginary herbarium), which featured hand-built pinhole cameras and auxiliary photography equipment used in the production of a photographs, as well as featuring an open-house and presentation of botanical specimens and plant collecting processes that was held in the University of Victoria Herbarium.



exhibitions, installations, imaginary herbarium, pinhole