Partnerships in Education




Hingston, Melissa

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Partnerships between schools, families, and communities are increasingly being acknowledged as key in a child’s learning and growth - socially, emotionally, and academically. Research has shown the benefits of partnerships, and studies are providing more examples of successful relationship-building and partnering strategies. In this paper, I review current literature on partnerships in education and I look at transformations in the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum documents relating to partnerships. The overarching question that guides this research project and the literature review is: How can educational partnerships between parents, teachers, and the community help support student learning and development? To help seek understanding and clarification, I ask other questions including: i) What supports are necessary to help parents become more engaged with their child’s education?; and, ii) How can home, school, and community spaces be bridged? To encourage the further development of partnerships and partnership programs in School District #64, I developed a teacher workshop and two presentations; one for parents and one for district staff. I also initiated the development of a Welcome Area at my school. I assert that partnerships in education must become a priority in education so that children can be better supported academically, socially, and emotionally.



family, community, school, partnership, involvment, engagment