Toward musical independence: metacognitive strategies employed by young choristers engaged in notational reading tasks




Nolet, Marlene Jennifer

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The purpose of the study was to explore metacognitive strategy usage in young choristers engaged in notational literacy tasks. Constructivist approaches encouraging metacognition are used in many subject areas, but have not been studied within a music context. Music-specific strategies (Killian & Henry, 2005) and metacognitive self-regulatory strategies (Zimmerman & Pons, 1986) were sought to learn how students become musically independent. Ten extra-curricular honour choir participants were studied using a collective case design. Participants completed a background questionnaire, a notational reading session, a performance of the piece studied in the reading session, and an interview describing their learning, which was recorded, analysed and transcribed. Processes of analysis included case aggregation, direct interpretation, and triangulation. Results indicate 1) learning is an individual process, 2) all students used strategies deliberately, though none evaluated the effectiveness of their choices, 3) students using the most strategies achieved the highest accuracy, and 4) students seemed to enjoy and benefit from discussing metacognitive processes.



Metacognition, Music Literacy, Strategies, Self-regulation, Choir, Constructivism