The Metaverse




Tompkins, Ava

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University of Victoria


The emergence of the Metaverse presents a powerful shift in human socialization. In a hypothetical fully digital society, how individuals choose to represent themselves, interact with others, and go about their daily lives will be confined to the dimensions of the internet. However, as the technologies that encompass the Metaverse become more sophisticated, human resilience is pushed to its boundaries, and there will be vast alterations to human behaviour. This research project delves into the intricacy of social relations within the Metaverse, which presents a myriad of theoretical challenges as humans attempt to navigate an ever-changing digital landscape. This project draws upon an analysis of the literature and applies a lens of 'affordances' to analyze the hypothetical social behaviours and opinions of the users who will engage with the Metaverse once it is realized. Key areas of analysis include the possible benefits and risks of a fully digital society, as well as concerns regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Metaverse. By providing insight on these core areas, this research delineates a comprehensive guide to assist in the development of the Metaverse.



Metaverse, digitalization, social interaction, virtual reality, affordances, technology