Down to earth: ecoliteracy and school gardens in Foods Nutrition 8-12




Murphy, Angel

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Pervasive environmental concern and calls for a deeper understanding of ecology has encouraged educators and researchers to turn to school gardens as a means of connecting students with nature. This project builds a case for why school gardens are valuable, critiques the current Foods and Nutrition 8-12 curriculum, reviews the literature in regards to how school gardens are used and who the stakeholders are, and presents Seed to Table 11, a BAA course proposal with eight distinct units. Seed to Table 11 builds upon a foundation of ecoliteracy and promotes food citizenship with an emphasis on developing practical skills in garden design, development, and maintenance. Designed to educate students on the food system and foster connections to local food producers within the local community, Seed to Table 11 uses the garden as a central tool for learning.



school garden, ecoliteracy, food citizen, Foods and Nutrition 8-12