Parent and teacher contributions to adolescent self-efficacy development




Dokis, Daphné.

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The current investigation provides a preliminary investigation of the "imposed networks" (adults with whom youth interact, but were not necessarily chosen) of youth aged 8 to 12. Also evaluated was the relative influence of parents and teachers on youths' feelings of self-efficacy. Youth reported on levels of warmth, psychological control and decisionmaking at home and at school. Self-efficacy was assessed by both youth and parent report. Results indicated that the emotional climate provided by parents was more influential on girls' feelings of self-efficacy than boys, and that higher warmth was negatively associated with boys' feelings of self-efficacy. Teacher psychological control was consistently negatively related to youths' feelings of self-efficacy. No evidence was found for either additive or interactive effects of home and school environments. Instead, the pattern of results suggested that youth benefit from moderate to high levels of parental warmth, when teachers provide levels of warmth that are either equally high or lower than parents.