Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Convection for Single Crystal SiC Growth by Top Seeded Solution Growth (TSSG) Technique




Ozcan, Imdat Emirhan

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Top-Seeded Solution Growth (TSSG) is a very effective single crystal growth process that is working based on the Czochralski method. In this growth technique, there is a seed crystal that is dipped into the melt of the same material at a high temperature. It has a boundary between the seed crystal and melt where growth occurs. This boundary is highly affected by the fluid flow. Controlling the fluid flow is the key feature of the TSSG technique. Many advanced materials can be obtained by this method. Silicon Carbide (SiC) studied in this thesis is one of the advanced materials that shows semiconductor properties. Because of this attribute, SiC is widely used in the electronics industry. In this thesis, different convection mechanisms are investigated for SiC single-crystal growth with the TSSG technique. Since the graphite crucible is the only source of carbon atoms in the system, transportation of carbon atoms from the crucible walls to the seed crystal is needed for efficient growth. To maintain this transportation, the silicon melt is induction coupled by electromagnetic coils. Controlling the fluid flow is maintained with electromagnetic forces which are generated by the coils in the TSSG furnace. Respectively, a numerical study has been conducted to determine the electromagnetic forces in the silicon melt. Also, the distribution of electromagnetic forces in the silicon melt is analyzed. Effects of different working frequencies are described. Results are compared to the buoyancy body forces in the system. To overcome buoyancy forces in the system, the needed amount of electromagnetic forces is explained.



Top Seeded Solution Growth (TSSG), Electromagnetic Convection, Single Crystal Growth, Silicon Carbide (SiC), Material Science, Advanced Materials