Legacies of Irresponsibility: Post-secondary institutions, antebellum, and slavery




Wang, Zitan

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The research project focuses on how post-secondary institutions founded during the antebellum period respond when challenged about having benefited from slavery (aka their legacies of irresponsibility). It will also answer questions such as what influences a university/college’s decision on how to respond when challenged about their past connections to slavery. My part in this project is to help collect more information about many of these institutions. The project will go on to analyze these responses for how engaging they were and determine factors that influence response. In the end, the data and the analysis will turn into a paper that will help understand how other companies or organizations respond when people challenge their past deeds. Though I did not get to the end of the research, I realized from my research that factors like location, how close the connection to slavery is, and how other universities and colleges react after a challenge could influence responses. For example, because of the BLM movements, more universities and colleges were challenged, mainly by students, and more responded when challenged.



Antebellum, Post-Secondary, Slavery, Legacy, Response