Rewilding Victoria: remembering and restoring nature in the city




MacKinnon, J. B.

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To know what is, you must know what was. This is the simple truth that J.B. MacKinnon explores in his new book The once and future world: nature as it is, as it was, as it could be. The natural world, he argues, has been lost not only to human rapaciousness, but also through a great forgetting. MacKinnon calls on us to examine the nature of the past in order to "rewild" the earth in the future, "The history of nature is not only a lament," he writes."It is also an invitation to envision another world." MacKinnon is the author or co-author of four books of nonfiction, including The 100-mile diet (with Alisa Smith), a bestseller widely recognized as a catalyst of the local foods movement, His writing in print and online has won more than a dozen national and international awards, including Canada's highest prize for literary nonfiction. MacKinnon lives in Vancouver, Canada.



Rewild, Environment