Going home after transcatheter aortic valve implantation: meeting the education and self-care needs of the frail elderly patient undergoing a minimally invasive cardiac intervention




Cook, Nicole

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Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) provides new hope for enhanced quality of life for frail elderly aortic stenosis patients who are deemed prohibitively high risk for open heart valve surgery. While the field of minimally invasive cardiovascular intervention grows rapidly, patient education has failed to keep pace. Patient education is vital for knowledge, and knowledge was identified by Orem (1995) as a key requisite of self-care. The frail elderly present unique challenges in terms of patient education, a responsibility entrusted to the nursing profession. The purpose of this project was to review current literature on elderly patient education to produce recommendations for how nurses may assess elderly patients’ knowledge and plan, implement, and evaluate education for the patient and family. Themes that emerged include health literacy, patient and family-centred care, geragogy, and humanism. These findings were applied to the TAVI patient population and recommendations for practice were made.



transcatheter aortic valve, implant, education, self-care needs, elderly patient, minimal invasive intervention, cardiac intervention