Telemetry ECG Holter Monitoring System Windows Client




Xu, Linfeng

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In this report, we describe a Windows client of a smartphone based telemetry ECG holter monitoring system. Traditional long period ECG holter monitoring requires patients to visit a clinic personally, and does not allow clinics to check electrocardiographs in real time. The ECG holter system we built solved the disadvantages of traditional ECG holter monitoring. The new system is built by one back-end and two front-ends. One front-end is a cell phone application for patients, the other one is a Windows client for clinics. Particularly, we focus on the software architecture and user interface of the Windows client, the mechanism of WinForms design and interaction, implementation techniques, and illustration of user interface. Additionally, we introduce imported third party software packages which help build the client, and recommend future developments. Basing on Microsoft .NET framework makes the client adaptive well with Windows. By using WinForms, the client is wieldy and versatile. Importing Json.NET provides us a simple and convenient tool to solve JSON serialization and deserialization issues.



ECG, telemetry, winforms, .net, c#, spring