Chirality control and magnetization dynamics in a dual vortex spin valve nanopillar




Kolthammer, Joseph Edward

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A new method for dynamic chirality control of a magnetic vortex is demonstrated with micromagnetic simulations. Spin transfer torque and giant magnetoresistance in an asymmetric spin valve nanopillar provide fast, reliable, and compact single-bit manipulation and readout. Magnetization relaxation following chirality switching proceeds via formation and dissipation of spin wave eigenmodes. Combined time- and frequency-domain analysis reveals a novel radial eigenmode spectrum with large edge amplitudes and nonuniform phase in the fundamental mode, in contrast with existing analytical models and experimental precedents. With the aim to determine the sources of this departure, we implement signal processing methods to identify and characterize the effects of interlayer coupling and nanoscale spatial confinement on the magnetization dynamics. Variation of the interlayer coupling and relative chirality is found to modify the eigenfrequencies but not the eigenfunctions. Examination of the interlayer phase and dynamic stray field provides quantitative and qualitative explanation of frequency splitting with relative chirality.



nanomagnetism, simulation, vortex